Wills and Power of Attorneys are an important tool in deciding what happens to your property after your death. No one wants to think about It, but it does makes things easier on your family if your  affairs are in order. The Law Office of Melissa Anderson can draft you a will at a reasonable rate, as well as other documents that will make it easier on your family when you can no longer to make decisions for yourself. There are several types of Power of Attorneys who will let you decide who will make decisions regarding your health, property and other personal property such as bank accounts and such. At the Law Office of Melissa Anderson we have guided clients in making the right decision, and have developed estate plans for hundreds of Nashville area clients over the past 10 years. No one should put off the decision and be without at least a simple will prior to their death. Without a will, assets will be distributed by the court based on the law of intestate succession and such distributions may not be what the deceased had in mind.

A will directs a personal representative to distribute a deceased’s estate in a specific manner.  The basics on wills are as follows:

Will Basics:

  • Directs how to distribute estate upon death
  • Names guardians for children
  • Names property managers for property given to children
  • Names an executor
  • Instructs how taxes and debts are paid
  • Requires formal execution and witnesses

Power of Attorney and Living Will:

  • Can name who makes your health care decisions if you are unable to make decision yourself.
  • Allows you to name whom you want to make decision regarding your business affairs if you are unable to do so.
  • Living wills allow for you to decide what happens to you if you are incapacitated by health issues and you want to determine how extreme of measures shall be taken.
  • Decide if you want comfort only, or try and do everything to keep you alive.  It should be your choice.

At Law Office of Melissa Anderson, we can answer your questions about estate planning and help you set up a will or Power of Attorney that suits your plan.

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