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melissa-anderson-photo-melissaAttorney Melissa Anderson was raised in Mt.  Juliet, Tennessee and her family still lives in Mt. Juliet or the surrounding areas. Family is important to Ms. Anderson, which is why she enjoys helping the immigrant population stay with their families, and she tries and help reunite families.

Attorney Anderson received her bachelor’s degree at Middle Tennessee State University and her Law Degree from the University of Memphis School of Law.

After a break from practicing law, Attorney Anderson went to work at a very busy Immigration Law firm, where she realized she had found her true calling. Not knowing many immigrants prior to working with them, she realized that there is no difference between persons from other countries and herself. Except that they come from places without the same advantages as the United States. Attorney Anderson gained a lot of experience in the four years working at the large firm, and decided that she could do more good if she was running her own law firm. Unfortunately, not all immigration attorneys are honest with their clients and sometimes promise unrealistic results to make some money. Attorney Anderson promises to always be honest, even if it is not what her clients want to here. She will evaluate the case and let the client’s know what, if anything can be done. She strives to not charge for work that cannot be done for the client.  She also tries to keep the client costs down, and has generous payment plans.

“I find my clients to be some of the best people in the world. They are hard-working, family oriented and are good people. I realized that these people who come from some very difficult countries and situation and deserve to be helped by someone who truly cares about what happens to them.” A recent quote by attorney Melissa Anderson.

I cannot win every case or help in every situation, but I promise that I will work hard and do my very best for EACH AND EVERY client. I am passionate in helping the immigrant population in any way I can. I have respect for the immigrants who work so hard and assist their families, even when they have to sacrifice themselves.

If you want a hard working, caring and honest attorney to help you with all your Immigration Needs, as well as Criminal and Family law, contact Attorney Melissa Anderson at (615) 925-2041.

God Bless.  Spanish is spoken here.

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Spanish is spoken here. Se habla Español.
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