Child Custody and Support

The Law Office of Melissa Anderson tries to guide you through this difficult time and help you learn to co-parent amicably with your ex.  Although it is often emotional in dealing with such delicate topics, we seek to find the best solution for your child and both you and your ex-spouse or partner.

Paternity, Visitation, and Child Support

  • Establishing Paternity: For children born out of wedlock, the Mother is vested with full custody in the child, and the Father’s rights need to be established through a court order. Paternity can be established through agreement of the parties, or by DNA genetic testing.
  • Setting a Visitation Schedule:  Courts utilize a parenting plan that spells out who has the responsibility of the children during specific times frames.  Our law Firm takes every reasonable action to ensure that you get your fair share of time with your children.  We will fight to get you as much time as you want.  Let us help you
  • Child Support: The Law Office of Melissa Anderson takes every step necessary to ensure you are getting all the child support that the law calls for.  We strongly believe no-one should pay more nor less than what state laws requires.
  • Contempt: If you have a parenting plan in place and your ex-spouse or partner is not following the rules, the Law Office of Melissa Anderson can take every reasonable action to make sure the courts enforce your agreement so you get all the time and/or support the Court has Ordered that your are entitled to.

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